Meta-Field Launches

meta-field, a speculative & applied design research group at the University of Virginia,  launches on Nov 6th 2017. Meta-field, a collection faculty, researchers and students, from multiple disciplines examines the intersections between Materials, Environments, Technologies, and Assemblies.

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Lumina Pavilion Opens


Lumina Pavilion opens October 6th at the University of Virginia. The Pavilion is a product of a design and fabrication course taught by UVA faculty Michael Leighton Beaman & Melissa Goldman and Andrew Kudless of Matsys and the California College of Arts. 


  • Andrew Kudless | Matsys & CCA
  • Melissa Goldman | UVa
  • Michael Leighton Beaman | UVA, RISD, Beta-field & Meta-field


  • Chris Weimann
  • Katie LaRose
  • Katherine Lipkowitz
  • Samuel Feldman
  • Joshua Gritz
  • Kyle J Gename
  • Zazu Swistel
  • Sam Adams Johnson
  • Rosalie Reuss
  • Ian MacPherson
  • Veronica Merril
  • Hao Wang
  • Sihan Lai
  • Kimberly Corral
  • Anna Morrison
  • Gabriela Rodas
  • Jack Hatcher
  • Jinguang Xie
  • Tim Nielsen
  • Steven Johnson

Zaneta Hong Selected as Catalyst IV Editor

Zaneta Hong was selected as the editor of the 4th volume of Catalyst which spans design education and research at  the University of Virginia. This volume will examine the relationship between academic levels and how course are organized within and outside of research frameworks. 

Catalyst IV will be published by ORO and is scheduled to be available in 2018. 

Kenya Building Manual wins Research Grant

The Kenya Building Manual, and on-going project between GA Collaborative and students from the Rhode Island School of Design & the University of Virginia to investigate, communicate, and disseminate low impact building techniques to developing communities in Kenya and across sub Saharan Africa, has received a Summer Research Grant from the University of Virginia. The research will investigate and develop graphic modes of communication.