Proxy No. 10 opens @ AIA Headquarters, Washington DC


Proxy No. 10 is a pavilion situated in the lobby of the American Institute of Architects Headquarters Building in Washington DC. The building was designed by The Architects Collaborative in 1973. As with the TAC’s design approach which is based on multiple voices incorporated into a single design, Proxy No. 10 derives its form and program in collaboration with the building’s lobby configuration and spatial orientations.  The pavilion’s  bounds are created by aligning two ellipsoids relative to each adjacent lobby wall. The spatial configuration is generated as a resultant minimal surface extrapolated between the two ellipsoids, which are in turn organized into two unit topologies. The pavilion utilizes 44 motion sensors lights that track movement inside the pavilion which is then indexed on its public surface through 376 LEDs.

On display here is a portion of the pavilion (approx. 12%) constructed from 564 polypropylene sheets assembled using nylon rivets into 94 units. The installation which is part of the 2012 AIA Emerging Professional / Grassroots Exhibition is the 10th iteration of the proxy series - on-going research into computational models for design and manufacturing.  The Proxy Series began in 2007 as a framework for conducting design research. Proxies are constructions that examine the nature of generic architectural problems within programming, processes, procedures, manufacturing and assembly.


Image Credit:

Michael Leighton Beaman

Proxy Series - No. 10

AIA Headquarters, Washington DC