173+15+60+1 exhibited @ The Strathmore Arts Center


The American Kennel Club recognizes 173 breeds + 15 partial status breeds + 60 rare breeds that are registered in its foundation. These 258 breeds are accommodated in 5 house sizes - XS, S, L, M, XL.

Commercial dog house design is governed by issues surrounding the standardization of simplified forms and materials in an effort to reduce cost, rather than addressing issues surrounding canine anatomy. These standardization issues include mass production, assembly, transportation, and generic form and sizing. Custom designs typically invert this relationship placing a premium on form and material with little thought to efficiency and replication. In both cases, these constructions tend to be anthropomorphic rather than canopomorphic, relying on human-based housing forms. However, these two regimes can be combined through computational and material design processes, which find strategic positions between these two extremes, maximizing a variety of formalization issues and generating canocentric  forms.

We developed an algorithm and CNC manufacturing process which incorporates bio-metric data, material properties and assembly process, translating that information into breed specific housing forms and materials. 173+15+60+1 recognized breeds translates into 258 houses. Commissioned by the Strathmore Arts Center located outside of Washington DC, we created a unique hybrid breed (canis-capitalis-familiaris) measuring H-19” x L-21” which has the mean qualities of the 10 most popular Washington area breeds. Using this new hybrid as a basis, we designed a single house to be exhibited at the Strathmore from April 28 - June 23, 2012 as part of their "Unleashed" Exhibition." For more information please visit -