"Applied Geometries" ii Journal Vol. 03 Now Available

ii Journal Vol. 03: Applied Geometries is now available at Amazon.

Jonathon Anderson + Meg Jackson_editors

Geometry has always informed the process of design, serving as both as an inspiration and generator of space. More recently, the spatial design fields have increasingly engaged applied geometries in the analysis and optimization of the manufacturing and construction processes. As evidenced through the historical avant-garde interior architectures of Gaudi, Saarinen, and Fuller, the performative potential of geometry is nothing new, yet recent investigations have begun to challenge conventional practices by expanding the potential for complexity in design. Contemporary advances in the design process, largely due to digital technologies, continue to challenge the means and methods of architecture through emerging hybrids of advanced geometry.  While technological innovation has transformed the spatial and formal opportunities of designers, the unique context of architecture, as well as its humanist and social agencies, continues to challenge the fantastical potential of alternative geometries. It is within this relationship – at the interstitial space between architecture and geometry