Autonomous Identities: ii Journal Vol 01 is Now Available


Autonomous Identities: ii Journal Vol 01 is now available at Amazon

Meg Jackson + Jonathon Anderson_editors

As emergent design specializations, spatial design and interior architecture have repositioned the way that we conceive, perceive, and experience our built environment.Autonomous Identities, ii  journal’s inaugural issue, seeks scholarly design-research, visual compositions, and work that challenges disciplinary specificity.  Spatial environments are informed by not only our perception of space, but also through their social engagement, performance engineering, and graphic integration. New awarenesses have converged to reimagine the design and construction of spatial and temporal interventions, as well as the corporeal and theoretical conditions of architectural environments and performance events.

Interior architecture and spatial design are poised to transform the design disciplines, and thus, Autonomous Identities  is searching to identify tomorrow’s spatial precedents.  Both disciplines offer the potential to claim new territory by operating at the intersection of previously discrete knowledge bases.  Thus, interior-related theory, praxis, and practice have assumed a collective crisis of identity.  In this issue, ii is collecting work which has the potential to blur the traditional boundaries of the design by identifying provocative new spatial territories.  The journal endeavors to gather exemplary projects that reveal interdisciplinary approaches to research and ‘making’ skills as they apply to interiors, light-mobile-architectures, and designed objects.  Autonomous Identities will reveal contemporary developments in design education and practice relativeto the exploration of emerging materials and technologies.  The issue will highlight experimentation, theory, research, speculation, and innovation through its focus on collectively re-thinking ‘space’.