Leighton Beaman + Carl Lostritto awarded Co-Works Research Project

Leighton Beaman + Carl Lostritto were awarded a Co-Works Summer Research Project - "Compu-tectonic Assemblies".

Computectonic Assemblies is a collaborative research project that focuses on computational design processes and their cyclical relationships to computer numerically controlled machines via material artifacts. This project is an extension of the ongoing research of the RISD Code Studio, merging two research practices into a common computational environment to find novel ways of expanding design practice, artistic inquiry, and design education pedagogy. The following proposal is for an intensive three week project workshop during the summer of 2015 that utilizes the equipment and collaborative work space of the Co-Works facility.

Through the combination of multiple modes and dimensions of assembly and analysis, our goal is to develop new hybrid methodologies, which may be models for new courses, workshops or tutorials within and around the Code Studio. The findings of this research may offer relevant knowledge to design manufacturing. The artifacts produced by and implicated in this research may also stand as autonomous works. Computectonics is the practice of generating workflows that span to and from computational models to physical artifacts. Our inquiry into the assembly of computectonic methods fall into two research domains: Procedures and Materials.