"Excerpts from the Proxy Series" | Exhibited @ RISD Art Museum

[ Excerpts from the Proxy Series ] -  Models from Proxies No. 08 + No. 10  will be on display as part of the Rhode Island School of Design Faculty Biennale held at the RISD Museum Chase Center from February 19th through March 22nd, 2015. 

Proxies complete systems of inquiry and production with strategically reduced complexity which correlate to more extensive systems of uncertainty. More than just a substitute, proxies transmit the agency, qualities, and considerations of that which they represent. At times the conditions within which we find ourselves working are often truncated, constraining our ability to operate within in typical modes or scale of practice. Proxies offer a methodology for accepting these constraints as a way of expanding design inquiry while remaining grounding in fundamental design problems.  The Proxy Series began in 2007 as an on-going set of research-based projects focused on the exploration of emerging technologies and how they are reshaping design theory, process, and production. Each project investigates a discrete set of issues spanning all three of these categories. While each is aligned to address a specific design problem, the imposition of extra-disciplinary constraints allows us to, pursue production techniques, use materials, employee software, or work with others, outside our particular disciplines. As such proxies offer an alternative formulation of how we research design problems in architecture, landscape architecture, and industrial design.