Fundraising for The Masoro Village Project | GA Collaborative

GA Collaborative (GAC), a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit group of designers research and design with new and old building technologies to find the right balance of practical, cultural, and community needs to best serve our local partners. 

The Masoro Project + Fundraising

We are currently fundraising The Masoro Project at Our model is to enable self-building traditions common in Africa, and develop local community organizations that want to learn to build and to meet their own needs. GAC's direct involvement is limited to the first several houses, and is focused as much on developing capacity and resilience as it is on construction and technical knowledge.

In Rwanda, we are working with a new builder's association to develop the potential of EarthBag construction as a way of enabling them to build their own homes. EarthBags are stitched from recycled polypropylene, packed with sifted site soil, and stacked like masonry. The technology has a long history and can be found around the world but is new to Rwanda - in fact, we built the country's first EarthBag structure last summer. Our new goal is to build a 2-story building with the same group of builders in 2014.

You can find out more about us at the GAC website.