"Material Practices + Design Representation" | Lecture @ Harvard University, GSD

Material Practices + Design Representation

GSD Talks:  Kiley Fellow Zaneta Hong in conversation with Charles Waldheim

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Gund Hall, Stubbins

11248 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA

November 18, 2014

Designers are paradoxically generalists and specialists. We are trained + practiced in creating organizations and logistics; and across disciplines + manners of practice, investigations can take on many forms. Even though research and design projects can vary greatly in their modality, they are all part of a larger body of work built on the ideas of iterative processes that deal with material information and composite forms of communication.In the open lecture at the Harvard GSD, Zaneta Hong presents past work and introduces her current research, the Landformation Catalogue. The research, funded in part by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts will be an upcoming public exhibition at Harvard in March 2015.