Material Vocabularies | ii Journal Vol. 4

ii Journal vol. 4: 'Material Vocabularies' is now available at Amazon. 

Editors: Gregory Marinic + Ziad Qureshi

Contemporary architects and designers manipulate materials into increasingly complex spatial conditions–engaging their inherent behaviors, performative capacities, cultural identities, and modular constraints as generative opportunities. Central to this emerging dialogue, a tendency to resist formal biases acknowledges the agency of materials in the conceptual design process. Smooth, rough, porous, or impermeable, materials expand the parameters of what we understand as surface in the production of interior architecture, spatial installations, furniture, fashion, and media.

This issue endeavors to reveal hybridized agencies, methodologies, and pedagogies in design education, scholarship, research, and practice revealing a global paradigm shift in the role of materials in the design process. ii invites trans-disciplinary research and collaborations that include, but are not limited to, architecture, interiors, industrial design, fashion, furniture, film, performance, sociology, cultural studies, and the arts.