"Intermittency" Studio wins Co-Works Pilot Project

The upcoming design research studio entitled "Intermittency" a collaboration between RISD Int/AR and the RISD Museum was selected as the first full-semester studio to be featured in the newly established Co-Works Lab.


Intermittency - the irregular alternation of phases or configurations in a dynamic system.

We often think of adaptation and reuse as a long-term and relatively stable repurposing of an existing, underutilized space towards a new agenda. The RISD Intermittency Studio questions the coupling of adaptation/reuse with expectations of long-term, stable interventions. Likewise the expectations of the museum has evolved to encompass immersive experiences that go beyond architecture to incorporate interactive digital environments, way-finding, and the transformation of existing spaces.   Working in tandem with the RISD Museum, this collaborative studio explores how existing interior and exterior spaces can be intermittently redefined and delimited through graphical, material, and structural cues - reprogramming and reimagining its the parameters, program and identity.

Our studio brings together students from Interior Architecture/Adaptive Reuse, Graphic Design, and Furniture Design to work with the RISD Museum on the design and construction of a intermittent space for display, commerce, and communication at the Chase Center for the Arts. From a pedagogical standpoint, the use digital design and production methodologies that allow us to span from design concept to physical construction to interactive project documentation  will provide a common ground for a cross-disciplinary approach to design practice.