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“Since the tools are often invented to do something else, it can take a novice or outsider to hack into the technology and come up with a new purpose,” 

Simone Solondz' article "Design for Flexibility" discusses the new Co-Works technology lab and the Advanced studio "Intermittency" lead by Michael Leighton Beaman, visiting critic in Adaptive Reuse + Technology. We often think of adaptation and reuse as the long-term and relatively stable re-purposing of an existing, under-utilized space, towards a new agenda.  However our expectations, needs, and desires for change operate at various spatial and temporal scales, challenging this notion of adaptation and reuse. As the expectations, needs, and desires of the museum  have evolved into immersive experiences that go beyond architecture to incorporate interactive digital environments, way finding, and the transformation of existing spaces, the question temporality and extent present new opportunities to re-think the act of adaptation.   Working in tandem with the RISD Museum, this collaborative interdisciplinary studio explores how existing interior and exterior spaces can be redefined and delimited through graphical, material, and structural cues - reprogramming and re-imagining it’s parameters, program and identity.