"Manufacturing Resonance" published in Innovations in Landscape Architecture

Manufacturing Resonance explores the productive discontinuities between representational systems in design and the exhaustively complex conditions they seek to affect. Through  human-nonhuman hybrid observers that attempt to manufacture greater observational scope and fidelity this chapter examines who and what is doing the observing and the implications on representational systems that operate beyond human access.

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Innovations in Landscape Architecture  explores how recent innovations in landscape architecture have uniquely positioned the practice to address complex issues and technologies that affect our built environment. The changing and expanding nature of "landscape" make it more important than ever for landscape architects to seek innovation as a critical component in the forward development of a contemporary profession that merges expansive ideas and applications.

The editors bring together leading contributors who are experts in new and pioneering approaches and technologies within the fields of academic and professional landscape architecture. The chapters explore digital technology, design processes and theoretical queries that shape the contemporary practice of landscape architecture.