Xenvironments Launches

Xenvironments is a partnered research project between RISD Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Digital + Media departments, and Textron Aviation, makers of Cessna, Hawker and Beechcraft jets and planes, and Bell helicopters.  The purpose of this collaboration is to reimage the constructed, controlled and contained conditions of modern flight, in an effort to design potential interior spaces for a new Cessna transatlantic jet currently being developed. We are working closely with engineers, researcher, manufacturers, pilots, and designers at Cessna to develop these spaces. RISD's involvement has been divided between paid research project conducted during the 2016 winter session and a spring semester design studio.

More than simply designing new interior spaces our goal is to examine what it means to inhabit a multiplicity of environmentals simultaneously and for extended periods of time. This central question will become the basis to develop design proposals that speculate on the influence that future technologies; cultures, practices and patterns will have on the spatial and experiential conditions of flight for years to come.