Platform 8 Exhibition @ Harvard University, GSD

The Platform 8 Exhibition opens on March 21st, 2016 at the Graduate School of Design Gallery in Gund Hall at Harvard University. The exhibition features research and design across multiple media forms and disciplines.

The exhibition chronicles  a year of academic production from the  architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and their associated fields. This 8th iteration surveys the people, products and discourse surrounding design culture at the GSD, providing a reference for future students, educators and practitioners. 

The Platform 8 book is available at Amazon

 Platform 8 Exhibition  @ Harvard 

Project Credits

Faculty Editor & Lecturer in Landscape Architecture: Zaneta H. Hong.

Exhibition Student Designers: Daniel Carlson, Ambrose Luk, Nina Phinouwong, and Vipavee Sirivatanaaksorn.

GSD Exhibitions Team: Dan Borelli, Raymond Coffey, Anita Kan, Sarah Lubin, Jesus Matheus, Matt Murphy, Joanna Vouriotis, Liz Welch, and David W. Zimmerman-Stuart. 

Exhibition Design & Fabrication: Michael Leighton Beaman and Reid Schwartz. 

Publication Design: Zaneta Hong, Michael Leighton Beaman, Alexander Louis Cassini, Mikhail Thomas Grinwald, and Vi Vu. 

Publication Student Editors: Alexander Louis Cassini, Mikhail Thomas Grinwald, and Vi Vu. 

GSD Communications Team: Travis Dagenais, Maggie Janik, Benjamin Prosky, and Ronee Saroff.