ShopBox Wins AIA Award

ShopBox, a light assembly workshop & studio for an artist living and working in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, was awarded a 2017 AIA Unbuilt Award.

Using a custom coded applet for the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros, the design comprised of subdivided sheet materials (plywood, polycarbonate, and steel) into pieces small enough to be handled by two builders. The applet also generated joint articulations and tool paths, and assembly demarcations. 

The building’s walls, which are interlocked together from milled 3/4” thick, furniture grade plywood, support a central flick beam, itself milled and laminated from the same plywood. The walls’ waffle structure doubles as storage for raw materials, tools, and art artifacts. The entire space, 50% of which is open air, is supported on 7 concrete columns.  Roof surfaces, joints, and a singular structural column are cut from recycled steel sheet.