"This House Is Made Of Talk" Opens in Rome

Jessie Marino & Leighton Beaman’ s Performance/Installation, “This House Is Made Of Talk” opens, February 21st as part of the Cinque Mostre Exhibition at the American Academy in Rome.

The relationship between score and performance / instruction and execution is one that is fundamental to both musical and architectural production. Each disciplines relies on the involvement and entanglement of others for creation. Any work produced within these two fields has already enfolded both modes of existence.  The incompleteness, misalignments and incongruities inherent in this duality provide a space for exploration, a place to dissolve the hierarchy and linearity of this relationship into an event. this house is made up of talk  is an experimental mini-drama that engages the spatial, rhythmic, and temporal disillusionment of notation and materialization within the event of their creation. Both occur simultaneously and anew with each iteration and as others are asked to navigate the auditory, visual, and environmental dimensions of the piece.