Transformations Exhibition opens at the Sackler Museum

The Transformations Studio introduces basic architectural concepts and techniques used to address issues of form, function, ornament, and material. The course provides instruction in project analysis, visualization, communication, and fabrication, using both physical and digital modeling. Students proceed through a series of progressively complex investigations of transformational processes, contexts, programs, and material assemblages. As an introduction to architectural design, the course explores comprehensive and foundational design principles, skill sets + critical thinking with making.

Transformations, an exhibition of student work from the undergraduate architecture studio is open May 5-7,2014 at the Sackler Museum on the campus of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Studio Instructor: Zaneta Hong

Teaching Assistants: Fred Thwainy + Phoebe White

Undergraduate Students: Kathleen Hanley, Angie Jo, 

Matthew Ricotta, Linda Song, James Thurm,

Liesl Ulrich-Verderber, John Wang, Sherrie Wang, Gianina Yumul

Harvard University, Sackler Museum