"Between Two Terms" | Lecture @ U.C. Berkeley


Designers are often confronted with incongruent pressures, the collection of needs, ideas, circumstances, and methodologies vying for saliency and influence within the design process. As designers grasp to create coherence from these desperate constituents, our modes of exploration, whether in practice, academia or research, are challenged to generate synthesis. Perhaps these constitute pressures need not be dissolved or transformed through the design process, rather they may expose and mark a territory by which each design inquiry finds its own framework for manifestation and actualization.

 Zaneta Hong presents Between Two Terms at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday Feb. 24th 2016.

Between Two Terms examines our recent work in practice, research, and academia through alternative measures that explore the grounds and extents each project. This lecture presents a re-mapping of design work through four sets of terms, not as oppositional concepts seeking resolution, but as guides to finding clarity and agency within the design process.