After Hyper-Representation | ATINER 2013

Leighton Beaman + Zaneta Hong present the essay " After Hyper Representation" at the anual ATINER Confrence in Athens Greece. Our essay focus on the question: Could we formulate design processes that do not rely on representation as the primary mode of operation, while forming a more direct relationship with material information? This essay will examine the formation of four failures of representation, and four interdisciplinary approaches to pedagogy and practice, which demonstrates the incorporation of digital technologies as computational/material explorations which move beyond Hyper-representation.

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"Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogies" Presented @ 2013 CELA conference

Leighton Beaman + Zaneta Hong present their paper " Cross-disciplinary Pedagogies" at the 2013 CELA conference at the University of Texas. Our intent is to span disciplinary differences and project new cross-disciplinary pedagogical models by explicitly working with data as a core material of design. The incorporation of digital/computational technologies early in the educational career of students provides a means for understanding how system and form are related and interconnected on a fundamental level; and in effect, generates a capacity for rigorous and clearly defined research and design processes.

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"Material + Procedural Assemblies" Lecture @ the CAA

Michael Beaman's talk will focus on materials (physical manifestations of information) and procedures (operational manifestations of information) as two fundamental substances of design production.

Material + Procedural Assemblies, a discussion on design processes, will be given at the Center for American Architecture in Austin, Texas on October 24, 2012. Beaman's talk will focus on materials (physical manifestations of information) and procedures (operational manifestations of information) as two fundamental substances of design production. The event is open to the students and faculty at the University of Texas in Austin. 

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"Beta-field(s)" a Friday Talks Lecture @ the University of Virginia

Leighton Beaman, Virginia Teaching Fellow in Architecture lectures on the recent work of Beta-field. Michael's presentation will be in the Javor Lecture Hall located in Campbell Hall, University of Virginia, School of Architecture on Friday, October 29, 2010. His lecture titled "Beta-field(s): Corporeal + Operational Proxies" is part of the "Friday Talks Series" focused on design + research. Beaman will cover the changing mission of design research in the current economic, technological, and cultural environment.

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Responsive Facade Systems @ Cooper Union | ACADIA 2010

"Responsive Facade Systems" presents the Solar Facade System researched by Stefan Bader and Michael Leighton Beaman at Cooper Union as part of the 2010 ACADIA Conference.

As issues of sustainability gain traction for architects, methodologies for designing, analyzing, and calibrating design solutions have emerged as essential areas of research and development. A number of approaches have been pursued with regard to embedding data into the design process, most fall into one of two approaches to research. The first approach is to mediate environmental impact at the level of applied technology; the second approach is to alter building methods and material construction generating efficient energy use. However, few approaches deal with the crafting of relationships between information and performance on an architectural level. This paper will examine a design approach focused on understanding how crafting relationships between information and design can move architecture towards achieving sustainability.

To develop this relationship, we created a data-driven methodology that spans from design inception to construction. Data-driven models, common in the fields of natural science, offer a method to generate and test a multiplicity of responsive solutions. By contextualizing the solutions generated, we were able design though a set of specific and controlled responses rather than as a singular solution. Information utilization requires a new kind of craft that moves beyond instances into relationships and offers performance sensitive issues in design, such as sustainability, and focused trajectories

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Of Robots + Calculators: Leighton Beaman lectures at the University of Texas

Robots + Calculators have re-shaped how we theorize, conceptualize, generate, develop, produce, and assemble our constructed environment. This lecture explores the the evolving relationships designers have with technologies and why design innovation may be more dependent on the new relationships we are able to generate with the whole of technology than with any specific technology itself.

Leighton Beaman presents his research, teaching approach, and emerging technologies and the impact of technology on design practice in "Of Robots + Calculators", in MArch 2009. This lecture is part of the Explore UT Series, which welcomes visitors from inside and outside of the university community to learn what types of research is being conducted at the University of Texas, Austin and to engage in conversations on its impact.

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