EX | Manufactured Assemblages


Manufactured Assemblages


Project Data





Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

N 42°22’32” - W 71°06’50”



Exhibit / Installation



110lb card stock paper
museum board
plexi glas



Zaneta Hong
Michael Leighton Beaman

K. Michael Hays
Ashley Mendelsohn
Stacy Morton

Wahaj Chaudhry
Sophia Chesrow
Amy Jiang
Avery Leonard
Henry Li

Katharina Lierhaus
Emily Lowe
Valentina Lyau
Noel Painter
Hoo In Linda Song

Humbi Song
Nandhini Sundaresan
Stella Tu



Arts @ 29 Garden | Harvard University


Project Description

The January Arts Intensive explored material assemblages through an investigation of manufactured artifacts. The one-week workshop introduced undergraduate students to the design processes that incorporate experimentation, thinking through making, and iterative methodologies. Students exercised their minds and hands with an intensive seres of material investigations producing a variety of formal and spatial artifacts. Students were challenged to explore different media and operations utilized in architecture design, visual communication, and material fabrication. Over the course of the workshop, the students' abilities to create, construct and communicate provided a pathway to establishing their own distinct design process. The course provided instruction in introductory as well as advanced techniques of design, visualization and fabrication, both physical and digital.

Manufactured Assemblages was an exhibit supported by the Arts @ 29 Garden and the Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.