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Material Technologies & Systems


Project Data


2006 - 2007



GSD Materials Collection, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

N 42°22’32” - W 71°06’50”






Zaneta Hong



Niall Kirkwood
Liat Margolis

Project Descriptions

Nothing could be more disappointing for a designer than a failed project - failure in anticipating its misuse, deterioration, omission or poor quality in construction. Undeniably, there are certain variables that are out of a designer's hands; however, the execution of a design from its conception to construction detailing is succeeded by the designer's experience and knowledge of material technologies, systems, and processes.

My background in industrial design and landscape architecture has given me an interest in the manufacturing processes and potential applications involved with a range of production materials. My research has expanded with a new set of materials - medium comprised of living matter - plants, soil, water - along with its manmade counterparts - masonry, concrete, steel. With this, I have learned that a material's interaction occurs not only through human experience, but as much with the living forces of nature. Of particular interest to me was the top six to thirty-five centimeters of ground, much of what is in contact immediately below our feet. With modern advancements in technology, new materials - structural soil recipes, geo textiles, reinforced turf systems, supper absorbent polymers, hyper-accumulators - have made this area of the landscape a design unto itself.

Material Technologies + Systems was research was funded by the Penny White Traveling Fellowship.