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2009 - present



Materials Resource Center, University of Texas, School of Architecture | Austin, Texas, USA

N 30°17’08” - W 97°44’26”



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Zaneta Hong

Christopher Rankin
Eric Hepburn
Carey Christian
Robert Bahn
Roger Le

John Cody
Justin Pope
Jeff Evelyn



University Co-operative Society | University of Texas, School of Architecture


Project Description

The Materials Lab's Collection Database was developed to simulate and support the integration of materials to an architecture + design curriculum.

In line with the Materials Resource Center's vision, the collection database was developed "to provide patrons the knowledge and expertise in materials and technologies, while developing a core practice and code of value when designing and constructing for the built environment."

The database along with the Materials Lab website was a collaborative effort between the University of Texas in Austin School of Architecture, the University Information Technology Services, and the School of Architecture Information Technology Services. The development of the collection was initiated in the spring or 2009 and is on-going in its updates and improvements.