Woven Assemblies - Review Schedule


Material Innovations 04

Woven Assemblies



Professor: Michael Leighton Beaman

University of Virginia | School of Architecture

ALAR 8010 | ALAR 7010 | ARC 4010

Material Innovations is a series of research studios that leverage advances in design and production technologies within a socially and environmentally responsible framework for design practice to create novel propositions and transformative interventions for the built environment.

In this semester’s iteration, our focus will be on investigating weaving and other material co-mingling processes, to design enclosure systems and assemblies that have a low environmental impact, and require little to no construction experience to implement. We will utilize manual and automated processes, intuitive and computational methodologies, and both conventional and experimental techniques throughout the semester.  

This research will then be applied to designs and proposals for the Masoro Learning and Sports Center (MLSC), a project that focuses on expanding literacy and education opportunities through organized sports programs for youth in Masoro, Rwanda.  The MLSC project is being developed and designed with GA Collaborative a design non-profit, and run by Imbutu a Rwandan education-based NGO. The project is funded through the On Purpose initiative, GA Collaborative, grants and  private donations.   


Final Review

Monday, December 11th

Group 01 | 11:00am - 1:00pm

Group 2 | 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Campbell Hall - 2nd Fl. Mezzanine


Assemblies & Details

Techniques Diagrams

Operations Diagrams

Building, landscape, or Unit Assembly Isometric

Data Graphics

Site Strategy Diagrams

Contextual Information Diagrams / Graphics

Landscape & Building Design

Site plan

Site section

Building and Landscape Isometric Drawing or Plan

Building and Landscape Section

Site and/or Building Unit models


Technique and Operations Matrix

Sample Prototypes and Assembly models




Jesse Reiser | Professor of Architecture, Princeton University / Architect

Pankaj Gupta | Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Virginia / Architect

Brad Goetz | Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia / Landscape Architect

Anthony Acciavatti | Assistant Professor of Architecture, Columbia University / Architect & Historian

Ila Berman | Dean, University of Virginia, School of Architecture (11:00am - 12:00pm)


    GROUP 02

    Kiel Moe | Associate Professor of Architecture, Harvard University / Architect

    Seth McDowell | Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Virginia / Architect

    Zaneta Hong | Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia / Landscape Architect

    William Sherman | Architecture Department Head & Associate Vice President For Research In Design, Arts And Humanities, University of Virginia / Architect (2:00pm - 3:00pm)



    GROUP 01

    11:00 am |  Emily Fiedler

    11:20 am | ZhenKang Zhai

    11:40 am | Kendra Chow  

    12:00 am | Katie Lynn

    12:20 am | Brandon Adams

    12:40 am |  Kun Liu


    GROUP 02

    2:00pm | Katherine Rush

    2:20pm | Ed Taylor

    2:40pm | Elizabeth Dorton

    3:00pm |  Jae Cheon

    3:20pm | Haocheng Song

    3:40pm | Kyle Gename

    4:00pm | Zach Winter

    4:20pm | Wrap Up & Comments


    Application Review

    Wednesday, November 15th

    1:00pm - 5:00pm

    Campbell Rm 305


    Demographic, Cultural, Environmental and Physical Context

    Program Development

    Landscape & Building Design

    Assembly & Material Details


    Elgin Cleckley | Assistant Professor in Architecture & Design Thinking, UVA

    Charlie Menefee | Associate Professor in Architecture, UVA

    Jeana Ripple | Principal, Ripple Architecture Studio & Assistant Professor in Architecture, UVA

    Alissa Diamond | Architecture & Landscape Architecture Practitioner & PHd Candidate in Architecture, UVA

    Scheaffer Somers | Assistant Professor in Architecture & Associate Director, Center for Design and Health, UVA



      1:00pm | Studio Overview

      1:15pm | Emily Fiedler

      1:30pm | Kyle Gename

      1:45pm | Katherine Rush

      2:00pm | Jae Cheon  

      2:15pm | Brandon Adams

      2:30pm | ZhenKang Zhai

      2:45pm | Elizabeth Dorton 

      3:00pm | Ed Taylor

      3:25pm | Haocheng Song

      3:30pm | Katie Lynn  

      3:45pm | Zach Winter

      4:00pm |Kun Liu

      4:15pm | Kendra Chow

      4:30pm | Wrap Up & Comments


      Research Review

      Monday, October 16th

      1:00pm - 5:00pm

      Campbell Rm 305



      Part 01 | Research






      Anselmo Canfora | Associate Dean of Academic & Professor in Architecture, UVA | Director: Recover Project

      Melissa Goldman | Fabrication Facilities Manager, School of Architecture Instructor, UVA

      Lucia Phinney | Distinguished Lecturer in Architecture, UVA

      Zaneta Hong | Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture, UVA | Principal: Beta-field | Principal: GA Collaborative



        1:00pm | Studio Overview

        1:15pm | Katherine Rush

        1:30pm | Zach Winter

        1:45pm | Ed Taylor

        2:00pm | Kun Liu

        2:15pm | Elizabeth Dorton

        2:30pm | ZhenKang Zhai

        2:45pm | Kendra Chow

        3:00pm | Haocheng Song

        3:25pm | Katie Lynn

        3:30pm | Brandon Adams

        3:45pm | Jae Cheon

        4:00pm | Kyle Gename

        4:15pm | Emily Fiedler

        4:30pm | Wrap Up & Comments