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Welcome to the Museum of Distributed Artefacts (MoDA).

MoDA is the only museum focused exclusively to installation art, holding one of the largest collections of building-scale artefacts in the world. MoDA's collection reveals the ways in which large scale spatial art and design works are created, assembled, located, experienced, and discussed. 

Distributed artefacts are ones that are de-centralized, embedded, immaterial, phased, interrelated, and expansive. Their distributed nature lies in their relation to human spatial and perceptual dimensions.Their incorporation into the edifice of the public museum creates a unique challenge for curators and patrons alike. MoDA offers visitors an opportunity that no other museum does, to occupy the space between the art object and the architectural object.


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1919 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

We are located in the heart of historic Dupont Circle in Old Town Washington DC. MoDA is nestled among the row houses of Striver's Section home to Fredick Douglas, DC policy institutions such Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Aspen Institute, the German Marshall Fund, the Center for Global Development, the Stimson CenterThe Eurasia Center, and the Peterson Institute, and a number of embassies. We are a short walk away from the White House and the museums along the National Mall as well as the Peterson Collection, the first museum of Modern Art. 



arriving by car:

Du Pont circle can be reached along Massachusetts Ave, Connecticut Ave, New Hanmpshire Ave, 19th St, and P St. MoDA is along 20th st. and between Massachusetts Ave, and Q St.  There are 13 area parking garages and street parking available. 


arriving by metro:

We are located directly adjacent to the Dupont Circle Metro station on the Red Line. 



The DC area has a number of trails, walking & biking paths, waterways, and tours that lead through to Old Town.  


Current Catalog

MoDA currently has a catalogue of 13 installations. The museum displays 5 of these at any given time. These are rotated periodically.  Each of these installations varies in size, material, and behavior. Come see what is on display today, then come back to see whats new.




Tour Our Museums

If you can not visit us in Washington DC, you can visit us virtually. All of our museums are available for a Virtual Reality tours. For the next available tour see the tour schedule below.