PHF 2017 | A 02

Post-Human Factors


Assignment 02

This semester we will be designing an apparatus for exploring embodiment of artifacts. This project will require you to incorporate an understanding of the actual and virtual parameters of your own body and the bodies of others. Our design exploration is comprised of five assignments which will require you to work both independently and collaboratively with your assigned group. Each group will be required to document each assignment by submitting work via our Course Folder, and through a photography session at the end of this second module.

In assignment 2, you will work with your group to design and build an apperatus prototype. This prototype is not a model or a representation, but a full-scale device that can be worn, tested, and modified. 



Individual file naming convention: 



Group file naming convention:




1. Using your proposal (part D from A01) identify the relationships between forms and performances.

2. Each group member should take turns discussing these relationships. Then design a new apparatus in Rhino that is informed by the proposals from each group member. You may make multiple new proposals

3. .Select one for prototyping. Follow the instructions from our in-class tutorial to complete the first Proposal.

4. When building the prototype only use 110lb white cardstock (or similar paper).



1. After completing the first full-scale extension, test how it modifies, or redefines your understanding of your own spatial extents.

2. Each team member should wear or use the extension in public while other team members records its effects.

3. Based on this test, refine your proposal and explore a second structuring method (we will discuss a few options in class). Create a second body extension in Rhino. This can be an evolution of your initial test, or a completely new proposal.

4. When building the prototype only use 110lb white cardstock (or similar paper).






1. Use the files / templates provided.

2. Save files using the course file naming convention.

3. Each group should submit:

  • 1 Rhino files which include one 3D proposal and one unrolled set of pieces (and cut sheets) per file.
  • 1 full scale body extensions made from 110lb white card-stock (or similar heavy weight, smooth, white paper)
  • 1 written statement