PX | Proxy No. 13


Proxy No. 13


Project Data





University of Texas, School of Architecture, Campbell Hall, Austin, Texas, USA

4411 Montrose Ave. Houston Texas, USA



Exhibit / Installation



55,878.2 sq in.



Polyvinyl Chloride



Michael Leighton Beaman

Kanietra Diawaku
Ben Hamilton
Toheed Khawaja
Ana Lozano
Jack Lozano
Nicole Markim
Hai Nguyen
Catalina Padilla
Julia Park
Rodolfo Rodriguez
Nathan Sheppard
John Stump
Chris Winkler



University of Texas, School of Architecture


Project Description

Proxy No. 13 is a site-specific installation derived through custom computational analysis, design and manufacturing processes.  No. 13  explores the concept of context as dataset. It is also a research model for exploring the concepts of design artifacts: operation, object, strategy, instance, system, and state; and design process: rationalization, normalization, systemization, formalization, iteration, instantiation, articulation, and actualization. In this iteration of the proxy series we utilized these concepts as guides to building an information based workflow for design, analysis, manufacturing and assembly. In No. 13 we wanted to combine models for education, research and practice into a single workflow - spanning from highly choreographed set of exercises to open-ended design problems.

Proxy no. 13 is a collaboration between beta-field, a research and design office, and 3rd year undergraduate students at the University of Texas, School of Architecture, that follows a research driven design agenda culminating in a public installation. The installation is situated between three prominent Houston area galleries, Barbara Davis Gallery, Anya Tish Gallery, and Wade Wilson Art. The installation is formed through  spatial, performance, and material mapping and analysis techniques. .