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173 + 15 + 61 + 1  | Strathmore Arts Center


Ex: exhibit - installation






2009 - present


Strathmore Music + Fine Arts

Bethesda, Maryland, USA

N 39°01’53” - W 77°06’16”


In the 173+15+60+1  project for the Strathmore Arts Center, we developed a formalization process rather than material and form.  This yields a method for creating unique dog-house forms for each breed. In choosing our dog-house shape and size we researched the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for 2011 + 2010. We also looked at which standardized houses, pods and travel kennels would offer enough volume for each of these breeds.  Based on this analysis we developed a custom algorithm which incorporates this data and translates the resultants to a CNC manufacturing process, which considers material properties and assembly process.  The next step was to apply this algorithm to an actual breed.  Because we were creating a speculative design we proposed a design for a unique hybrid breed (canis-capitalis-familiaris) measuring H-19” x L-21” which has the mean qualities of the 10 popular DC dog breeds we researched. This breed acted as a stand in for any one specific breed.

Our POLYPOD is designed for this prototypical dog.  Built from Polypropylene sheets  and nylon and polyester cording, the PolyPod can be disassembled to lie flat and is 100% recyclable. While multiple dog breeds can use this pod, our main concern was developing a design process which could be applied in multiple instances creating standardized customization procedures for canocentric inhabitation.



Michael Leighton Beaman
Zaneta Hong


Strathmore Unleashed Exhibition